Changing the jiveURL

If your Jive community is deployed on-premise (and not hosted by Jive Software), you can change the jiveURL, which is the Web address of your community. Be aware, however, that several features of the application rely on the jiveURL. To change your jiveURL, go to Admin Console: System > Management > System Properties, and then make sure you update the following to reflect the change:
Note: This list may not include all relevant considerations for your specific deployment configuration.
Feature: How to update with the new jiveURL:
SSO Update the base metadata URL by going to Admin Console: People > Settings > Single Sign On > SAML > Advanced, or by editing the system property saml.baseURL. In addition, update the Location attribute in the metadata itself. After you have made these changes, you'll need to restart the server.
Mobile We strongly recommend that your Mobile Gateway Access URL matches the jiveURL (this is not required, however). If you change the jiveURL, update the Gateway Access URL to reflect the change (Admin Console: Mobile > Connection Setup).
SSL/Tomcat Update the new URL in the server.xml file for the Tomact connector.
Apache Ensure that any redirects you have configured previously are reconfigured to point to the new URL.
Twitter You will need to reconfigure your Twitter plugin with a new Twitter app. For instructions, see Setting Up Access to Twitter.
LinkedIn (internal communities only) You'll need to create a Support case to update your LinkedIn connector with the new URL.
Jive for Office and Outlook plugins Ensure that the account configured in the Jive for Office/Outlook plugin contains the new URL (even if the change was due to adding SSL support).
Emoticons Update the URL setting for the emoticon post-processing filter (Admin Console: Spaces > Settings > Filters and Macros > Emoticon Filter > Settings).