Configuring SSO with External Login

Fastpath: Admin Console: People > Settings > Single Sign On > External Login

Understanding SSO with OpenID

Important: Before you configure SSO, make sure you have a migration strategy for your existing Jive users. Implementing SSO without migrating your users to your new authentication provider will orphan existing user accounts, so users can't access their community content.

To implement SSO for Jive with external logins, you set this page to Enabled and select the top four identity providers you want users to choose from on your site. You select identity providers by dragging them into the yellow area on the page. If you disable external logins after enabling them, Jive users will need to authenticate against Jive directly instead of using an external login.

To troubleshoot authentication problems, you can enable Debug Mode. You should disable this setting in production.

Facebook Configuration

Before you can enable Facebook login, you need to create an app on the Facebook developer site. Provide your app credentials (the Application ID and secret) to complete SSO authentication with Facebook. When you're creating your Facebook app, you'll also need to provide your Jive URL for both the App Domains field and the Website with Facebook Login field.