Configuring Support for Attachments

If you find that users are attaching many large files to their content and the application is slower as a result, you should consider creating limits by adjusting the size and quantity settings. You can also enable and disable image previews, and specify the preview size for attached images. Note that embedded images have their own set of limits than can be configured. See Understanding Images and Attachments for more details about the differences. See Configuring Support for Embedded Images for information about setting embedded image behavior.

Note: Image preview sizes are specified in pixels and attachment sizes are specified in kilobytes.

Content Type Settings

Content type settings let you specify which kinds of files (as determined by their MIME type) should be allowed as attachments. You might find that some file types aren't needed, or are in fact unwanted. If you want to prevent some kinds of files from being uploaded, you can disallow them by adding them to the Disallowed Content Type list.