Configuring User Registration

You can configure the application so that new users can create their own accounts and current users can invite others to join. Use the Registration Settings page to enable user-created accounts and to set up how account creation works.

You can also configure registration so that the application displays a terms and conditions page when people register. For more information, see Configuring Terms and Conditions.

Fastpath: Admin Console: People > Settings > Registration Settings
Note: People using the community must set their browsers to enable cookies. The application doesn't encode session IDs in URLs.

Allow User-Created Accounts

Click Enabled to allow user-created accounts and to allow current users to invite others to join. When user-created accounts are enabled, people can sign up for a new account from the login page. The registration process takes them through a brief set of screens through which they add the information you've requested in the Admin Console's Registration Settings page.

When user-created accounts are enabled, users can invite others to join the community from their Profile page. For more on inviting new community members, see Inviting New Community Members.

New User Account Settings

Use the following table to conifgure user account settings. You must enable user-created accounts so the New Account Settings section of the Registration Settings page is available for editing.

Setting Description
Password Strength Check You can specify how strong you want user passwords to be. The password strength indicator will help the person registering create a password that's strong enough to qualify.
Human Input Validation Enable this to require that a person registering be prompted with a captcha image. The image displays text (distorted to prevent spam registration) that the person must enter in order to continue with registration. This is a way to discourage registration by other computers simply for access to community in order to send spam messages.

Human input validation generally isn't needed for internal communities that aren't accessible to the public.

Email Validation Settings Enable this to have the application send an email to the person registering at the address they provided (you can edit the contents of the template used for the email). By default the email includes a link that the person must use to prove that the email address they gave is a valid one. This is another means to discourage false registration.
Welcome Email Settings Enable this to have the application send the new user an email when they've finished registering. You can edit the template for emails like this.
User Wizard Settings Enable to send new users through a wizard that helps them set up their profile. If your disable, then users will need to click their name to the upper right corener and then click Edit profile & privacy in the Actions list.
Registration Moderation If you enable moderation for community registration requests, new requests will appear on the moderator's Moderation > Pending Items page in the community. (If you have a user administrator, that person will approve or decline requests; otherwise, the system administrator will get those requests.) To learn more, see Moderating User Registrations.
Fields displayed at registration You can define the fields that are displayed to prompt a user for information while they're registering. The fields you can choose from here are based on the fields defined for user profiles. For more on profile fields, see Defining User Profile Templates