Creating Secure Subdomains for Apps

Jive provides three levels of security when you enable Jive Apps in your community. The two more secure options require that you establish one or more subdomains. Subdomains help you isolate Apps from your instance preventing a compromised App from affecting your instance, and in the case of the Most Secure option, a compromised App also won't affect any other Apps.

Fastpath: Admin Console: Apps > Domain Security
Creates one subdomain for all Apps to share, but keeps Jive in a separate subdomain, providing an extra layer of security for your instance. Select this option and enter the subdomain. For example, type jiveapps to use as your new subdomain for all Jive Apps to be hosted.
Most Secure
Creates subdomains for Jive and each App. This level of security not only protects your instance, it protects individual Apps from an exploited App. This setup provides the highest level of security. This solution requires each subdomain to have a unique DNS entry. Typically, these entries can be created as wildcards, and can be secured using a wildcard SSL certificate.
Not Secure
Continues without setting up any subdomains. This option is only appropriate for testing environments.