Creating and Arranging Spaces

As an administrator, you can create spaces from inside the community or from the Admin Console. In the Admin Console, you can also arrange the space hierarchy.

Fastpath: Admin Console: Spaces > Management > Summary

Arranging Spaces

You can view and arrange the list of spaces in the Admin Console. The space Summary page lists spaces in the full hierarchy and provides a way to create spaces or edit their settings.

On the space Summary page, on the Browse tab, you can drag spaces up and down to reorder the list. Although you can't change where a space is in the hierarchy by dragging it, you can change that with the Move button, as described below.

When you've selected a space in the list, you'll see four buttons: New, Edit, Move, and Delete (you can't move or delete the root space).
  • Click New to create a new space inside (hierarchically) the space you've currently selected.
  • Click Edit to edit the space's properties (see Setting Space Name, Locale, and Allowed Content Types).
  • Click Move to start moving the selected space to another place in the hierarchy. There, on the Move Space page, click the name of the space you want the selected space to be inside, then click Move Space.
  • Click Delete to delete the space and all the content inside it. Before the space is deleted, you'll get a warning with notes about what deletion means, along with a summary of the amount of content inside the space you're deleting.

Creating a New Space

You can create a new space from the Admin Console or the user interface. With either approach, you'll use the same steps to create the space.
  1. Start creating the space.
    • In the Admin Console, go to Spaces > Management > Summary, then click the name of the space that will contain the new space. Click New.
    • In the user interface, go to the space that will contain the new space. In the Actions list, click Create a sub-space.
  2. On the Create New Space page, for a Space Name, enter the space name to appear in the user interface.
  3. Enter a description that to appear in the user interface, such as a brief description of what the space is for.
  4. For Space Display Name, enter the text that will be used in URLs that access the space.
  5. Under Permissions, choose a default access scheme. Each of the options represents a set of permissions that you can also edit later.
  6. Under Types of content..., select content types you want the space to support. Space users will be able to see or create only the content type you specify.
  7. Click Create.