Custom Apps Security

You can develop and deploy your own apps to your community through the Jive Apps Market. Your apps code is not hosted by Jive Software and only you have access to it.

Note: If you want to know how to deploy a custom app in the Apps Market, learn how to use the Jive Apps Dev Console app here in the Developer community.

When you create your own app, you deploy it for your users by submitting the apps through the Dev Console app in the Apps Market. This will create a private app listing in your Apps Market. Only listing information is sent to the Apps Market. All of your code and apps data remain behind your firewall and are not transmitted to Jive Software.

Any custom apps you develop and deploy in the Apps Market will appear in the private view of the market. In this way, apps that you develop are visible only to your Jive instance(s) via the Apps Market, and you can remove them at any time. All communication from your Jive instance to the Apps Market flows over HTTPS and is signed by your Jive instance using OAuth. You can publish your custom apps to all of your Jive instances, i.e., UAT and production instances that share a license.

Jive Software is not involved in the approval process for the custom apps that you develop and deploy in the Apps Market. In addition, you are solely responsible for their performance and security.

Custom App Architecture