Enabling a Custom Community Overview Page

If you don't want the Activity page to be your community's home page, you can enable a customizable Overview page in the Admin console

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Home Page

If you want to use a customized Community Overview page in the Home page for your site, you can select Enable the widgetized community home page. For more on customizing this page, see Customizing the Community Overview Page.

When this setting isn't enabled, the default page for users is the Activity page. Users can override the default page setting by pinning their preferred page, which means clicking the pin icon for the page they want to see first when they click Home. If you want to choose a different community page as the default for all users, you can use the skin.default.landingpage system property to set it to any of the Home pages. Check the URL of the target page for the correct value. For example, to set the default page to Activity, set the value to /activity.