Enabling and Disabling Apps in the Market

As an administrator, you can enable or disable individual apps for your community.

Apps are yours to enable and disable in your community. An app can exist in one of three states: enabled, suspended or disabled.
  • An enabled app is available for install or purchase to all community members.
  • A suspended app is not available for installation or purchase. However, existing users can continue to use the app.
  • A disabled app is inactive for all community members. Existing users can no longer access it, all paid subscriptions are automatically cancelled and the app is unavailable for installation or purchase.
Regardless of state, the app will be listed in the market and your community members will still be able to read information, reviews, and ratings. Enabling a previously disabled or suspended app will make it available for installation to all community members, usually with any associated data restored to its previous state.

To enable and disable apps for your community users:

  1. Click Apps in the community and go to the Jive Apps Market.
  2. Next to any app, expand the Enabled menu and select the state you want the app to have.