Enabling and Monitoring Apps

Fastpath: Admin Console: Apps > Dashboard

The primary use of the Apps dashboard is to let you enable and disable access to the entire Apps functionality within your community. When you disable Apps with this setting, users cannot see, install, or use any Jive Apps or access the Apps Market. The Apps tab will not be displayed in your community unless you re-enable Apps.

If you're an administrator, you can also enable and disable access to individual Apps. To do this, you'll need to access the Jive Apps Market while logged into the community with your administrator account.

Validating the Apps Market

If your communication with Apps Market is proceeding correctly, you'll see green check marks everywhere on this page, and you should not need to investigate further. If something goes wrong, you'll see error messages that can help you diagnose and fix problems with your Apps Market configuration, by yourself or with the help of Support.

Market Verification Status and Gateway Verification Status are checked at initial install to ensure Jive is connected to a secure, verified instance of the Jive Apps Market.

Registration Status and Gateway Status provide a health check so you can see whether the Market is currently running and you're correctly connected to it.

Monitoring Communication Between Jive and the Jive Apps Market

You can check on communication between Jive-Apps Market communication using the following areas. This communication should happen automatically according to the schedule identified in your system settings. You can also view and download logs for each of these feeds.

Incoming News Feed from Apps Market
By default, Jive checks in with the Apps Market every 15 minutes to catch up on changes such as updates to Apps and administrative actions. If you want to poll right away instead of waiting for the next checkin time (for example, if you are testing a fix to a communication problem), click Poll Market Now.
Outgoing Apps Market Notifications
Jive sends any Jive-side changes such as App installations to the Apps Market every 5 minutes. If you want to send this information earlier, click Notify Market Now.