Exposing Discussions on Another Site

You can expose certain discussions from your Jive community through web pages that aren't part of Jive by using the Community Everywhere feature. For example, if you've got a web site that describes products offered by your company, you might want to expose discussions related to tips for using the products. Visitors to your product page would be able to view a link to discussions in Jive and optionally see recent posts as well as a box for adding a comment.

If you want to encourage people to participate in your Jive community, Community Everywhere can be a useful enticement. In the Admin Console, you can enable the feature, limit the sites that can use it, even generate the script code needed to add Community Everywhere links to web pages.

For more about Community Everywhere and how to set it up, see Using Community Everywhere.

Fastpath: Admin Console: Spaces > Settings > Community Everywhere