Configuring the Analytics Database for High-Availability

The Analytics database has special HA considerations because its connection string is stored in the core application's database.

Note: All of the database information here assumes that you have successfully deployed your database system of choice in an HA configuration, ensuring that the database server itself is not a single point of failure.
The Analytics service supports the following database types:

Location of the Analytics Database Configuration Information

The Analytics database connection string, username, and password are stored in a table in the core application database in an encrypted format (not in an XML file).

Setting Up the Connection String

The application requires you to add a DNS name or IP address for the Analytics database server deployed with the application. You set this connection string via the Admin Console: Reporting > Settings > Analytics. This string is then stored in the core application databases. For more on what must be persisted in the core application database during a disaster recovery, see Restoring the Database With Persistent Properties.

In the event of a failover, there are specific ways that the application uses this connection string to determine which Analytics server to failover to. Therefore, be especially careful when setting up the connection string as follows: