How On-Premise Search Works

As of Jive 6.0, the application includes a search service for Content/Places that reduces the amount of disk I/O, memory, and storage on each of the individual web application nodes.

The Search service is composed of several sub-services: The Ingress Service receives creates, modifies, and moves activities from the web application and delivers them to the Indexer Service. The Search Service interacts with the Indexer Service to handle search requests from the web app. The Rebuild Service allows a second index to be built while the Indexer and Search Service continue to handle ingress and search requests. The Manage Service allows the web application to manage the Search Service and Indexer. The Service Directory Service allows configuration of what host and port pairs will be used for all of the other services. (This is a key feature in supporting an HA deployment of search).
Search and a Single Web App Node