Managing Feeds

Administrators can control the default behavior of feeds used to to stay current on content changes.

Users can choose to receive feeds (RSS, JSON, or Atom). As an administrator, you can configure aspects of these feeds, such as which feed technology is used, whether basic authentication is required, and so on.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Feeds
Table 1. Permissions Management for Non-Global Blogs
Setting Description
Enable Feeds Enables feeds across the community.
Author Format Specifies how the author will be displayed in the feed.
Basic Authentication Turns on the requirement that feed requests specify a username and password.
Default Format Default format for feeds generated by the community.
Number of Items The number of items returned for each feed.
Show Specifies whether the feed results should include the full text of the content or only a summary of it.
Length of Summary Specifies how much of the content (how many characters) should be included in the feed result summary.

For more on feeds, be sure to see Working with Feeds.