Managing Home Page Permissions

Home page permissions enable you to manage global permissions for features such as polls and announcements on the community's Overview page, as well as manage permissions that fine tune the video and update features. The global permissions are not limited by any container.

The community's Overview page includes global permissions for actions like managing announcements, which is typically seen by everyone at one time or another. Often it's the place people stop first to get a snapshot of what's going on. Because it's so central, it's a great place to put things that should be visible to everyone. In other words, when setting permissions for the home page, keep in mind that you might want to offer some kinds of access to people who have an active role in the community as a whole, and some kinds more broadly. For example, a community manager could be given permission to create announcements. Other kinds of access, such as voting in polls, rating videos, might keep the community more active if they're more broadly granted. See About Home Page Permission Levels for the list of levels you can grant.

The video and update features include global permissions for actions like commenting on status updates or videos. These permissions can be enabled or disabled for groups of users. You can customize permissions for groups of users in Home Page Permissions page of the admin console. See About Home Page Permission Levels for the list of levels you can grant.