Migrating Blog Content

As an administrator, you can migrate an existing blog from one context to another, without restriction.

For example, you can migrate a space blog so that it becomes a group blog. You can migrate from any context to any other context. When you migrate, all of the blog's posts and settings will move to the destination context.
Note: Keep in mind that migrating a blog to another context can change how the blog will be managed and administered after it's migrated. For more information, see Managing Blogs.
Fastpath: Admin Console: Blogs > Management > Migrate
To migrate a blog:
  1. On the Admin Console Blog Management Migration page, select the blog you want to migrate.
  2. Under Destination, select a destination:
    • To migrate the blog to become a system blog at the global level, select the System Blog check box.
    • To migrate the blog into a space, under Communities Without Blogs select the space you want the blog to be in. The list is limited to spaces that don't have blogs because a space can only have one blog.
    • To migrate the blog into a project, under Projects Without Blogs select the project you want to migrate to. A project can contain only one blog.
    • To migrate the blog to become a user blog at the global level, under Users Without Blogs enter the username for the person whose blog it should become (you can also browse for the username). A person can have only one user blog.
  3. Click Submit.