Moderation: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about moderation.

How is moderation in groups different from moderation in spaces?

You can enable moderation on some spaces and sub-spaces, but not others. For each space or sub-space with moderation enabled, you can designate a different user to be the Space Moderator. Projects inherit the moderation settings of their container/parent space or sub-space.

Groups are contained by the system container (also called the root container or Jive Community) and inherit its moderation settings. Therefore, if you enable moderation in the system container (root), moderation is enabled for the system/root container and all groups. You cannot enable moderation on an individual group. All moderation requests in the system (root) container and groups will be sent to the Global Moderator, if there is one, and if not, to the Full Access user.

Can I moderate the creation of groups?

There is no specific setting to set up moderation for the creation of groups. However, you can implement a workaround by limiting the permissions of group creation to one group of users. Regular users would then have to request the creation of a new group from the group with permission.

How does moderation inheritance work?

We explain this with handy drawings in Moderation Inheritance in Groups and Spaces.

What kinds of content can be moderated?

Nearly all content types can be moderated. For a full list, see Who Moderates What?

You cannot moderate content created in private groups, secret groups, or content that has visibility limited to the author (Hidden) or to specific users.

How do I moderate any item containing a specific word?

We recommend setting up a keyword interceptor. For information, see Configuring Interceptors.

If a space has moderation enabled, but no Space Moderator(s) is specified, who would get moderation notifications?

The Global Moderator (assigned here: Permissions > System Administration > Moderate Content). If there is no Global Moderator assigned, then moderation requests in that space would be sent to the Full Access user (assigned here: Permissions > System Administration > Full Access).

See Who Moderates What? and Moderation Inheritance in Groups and Spacesto understand how the application notifies moderators.

I set a document to be editable only by me. Can a moderator edit this document?

Yes. Moderation is set by place. So, if you create a document in a place that has moderation enabled, the moderator for that place can edit any and all documents submitted for publication in that place.

If I save a document as Hidden, can it be moderated?

No. Your Hidden documents cannot be moderated.

What happens if I move moderated content?

If you need to move content between a place that's moderated and one that's not, or vice versa, be aware of the following: