Configuring OpenSearch

You can make some external search engines available to people using Jive.

If a search engine supports OpenSearch, you can add support for it so that the search engine will be used (in addition to the internal search engine) when people search for content in Jive. Examples of OpenSearch engines include Technorati and Wikipedia, plus Jive communities.

Engines that support OpenSearch provide a descriptor XML file and usually publish the file at a public URL. The descriptor tells OpenSearch clients what they need to know to query the search engine.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > OpenSearch Engines
There are two ways you can add OpenSearch engines in the Admin Console:
As you edit the engine's properties, keep in mind that:
Note: The Jive application is also an OpenSearch provider (although OpenSearch isn't a good replacement for searching content it contains). You just have to point your OpenSearch reader to Jive's OpenSearch XML descriptor. For OpenSearch readers that aren't able to autodetect the descriptor, you'll have to add it manually. The OpenSearch descriptor for your community is located at http://<jiveURL>/opensearch.xml. For example, for the Jivespace descriptor, go to Provide this file as the descriptor for your OpenSearch reader.