Pre-Selecting Recommended Apps

You can pre-select one or more apps to feature them during each community user's initial installation.

If you want to recommend some apps for new users to install, you can pre-select them so that they're featured during each user's initial interaction with Apps. Users will be prompted with the option to install the apps you pre-select. If a user decides not to install them, he or she won't be prompted again. Pre-selection doesn't affect existing Apps users, and doesn't install any apps without the user's OK.

To pre-install apps:

  1. In the Jive Apps Market, hover over the gray gear icon next to an app and click it to toggle it to gold. Do the same for any additional apps you want to pre-install.
  2. Click Apps > Managed Apps.
  3. Click Featured Apps in the left pane.
  4. You'll see the apps you identified in the right pane. Drag them over into the Featured Apps slots available on the left. The order in which they're featured is the order they'll be displayed in for users.