Security of Public Cloud Communities

The application's secure data architecture and Safe Harbor certification ensures maximum security and privacy of your public cloud (hosted) instance.

Secure Data Architecture

Virtualization technology and multi-tenancy architectures at the security, storage, and network layers ensure separation between each public cloud instance and SaaS-delivered feature. Jive Software follows several industry best practices to harden all cloud operating systems and databases that support all of the layers of the platform. All hosts use security-hardened Linux distributions with non-default software configurations and minimal processes, user accounts, and open network ports. Jive Software's cloud engineers never execute at root and all log activity is stored remotely as an additonal security precaution.

Jive Software's public cloud instances and SaaS services hosts include various encryption methods to protect data transmission over untrusted networks. We use SSL or HTTPS for all public cloud instances. Additionally, Jive Software has implemented encryption for both the data transmission and storage of offsite backups in our remote data center(s).

We use a variety of automatic tools and manual techniques to ensure our environment is secure.

Secure Data Center

All of Jive Software's hosting data centers have central surveillance monitoring, key cards for initial access, and other mechanisms such as biometrics or two-factor authentication systems to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the physical machines. Only authorized data center personnel are granted access credentials to our data centers. No one can enter the production area of the data center without prior clearance and an authorized escort. All Jive Software office locations adhere to similar security controls to limit access to active employees only.

Jive’s network infrastructure was designed to eliminate single points of failure. Each data center leverages multiple internet feeds from multiple providers, ensuring that in the event of a carrier outage, our public cloud (hosted) sites and SaaS-delivered services are still available. The switching and routing layers within our data centers are designed so that device or network link failure does not impact service, and ensures that public cloud customers have the highest level of availability.

Jive Software's public cloud and SaaS-delivered services are backed up regularly to guard against data loss. All instances are backed up to an offsite location using an electronic backup and recovery system. All backed-up information is transmitted and stored in an encrypted format. The Jive Software public cloud team performs failure and redundancy testing during the implementation phase and as needed throughout the equipment lifecycle.

Jive Software is Safe Harbor and TRUSTe certified and our data centers are either SAS 70, SSAE 16 SOC2, or ISO 27001 certified, depending on the location.

Public Cloud FAQ

For more questions and answers about our public cloud platform, see Public Cloud FAQ in the Jive Community. You will need to be a registered user of the community to view this document.