Reviewing Content Moderation Requests

If you are a moderator for a place, you'll have access to a list of requests for moderation.

In places where content moderation is enabled, the author of a piece of content will see a note explaining that their content needs to be approved by the moderator before it will be published:

Moderation message

After the author submits the post, a moderation request will be sent to the moderator's Moderation queue for approval or rejection. (The community administrator sets up moderators for places. There can be more than one moderator in a place. For more about that, see Setting Up Content Moderation). Note that the author can still access the submitted content by going to Content > Drafts, where they can continue to make changes. The moderator will see only one item to moderate, no matter how many changes the author makes.

Moderation link

If there is more than one item awaiting moderation, you'll see a list in your Moderation queue. For example, you might see content that's been reported as abusive, as well as content that's been submitted for moderation, depending on the moderation features set up by your community administrator. The following example shows a variety of items awaiting moderation:

Pending Moderation list

Notice that at the top of the page, you can filter the content listed. Filtering can be helpful when you've got a very long list.

To moderate, simply click on an item and make a decision to: