Services Layer

Between the web application nodes and the database nodes are a number of services that are critical to Jive.

Caching Service

The caching service provides object caching for the web application nodes, dramatically reducing the load on the database nodes. For more information about how caching works in a high-availability system, be sure to read Configuring the Cache Servers for High-Availability.

Activity Service

The Activity Engine nodes provide specialized functionality for attention streams, recommendations, and the personalized Inbox.

Search Service

The search nodes offload a significant amount of overhead from the web application nodes, providing personalized, contextual search results for content.

Document Conversion Service

The document conversion service enables rich previews and collaboration around Microsoft Office and PDF documents without having to open up a desktop client.

Storage Service

The storage layer dramatically reduces the amount of load on the database nodes.

Here is an illustration of a basic deployment:

Web Application Architecture Diagram