Setting Up Access to Twitter

Users in your community can write personal updates from Twitter. If Twitter is installed in your community, you'll still need to take a few additional steps to complete the set up. For more on installing plugins, see Adding and Removing Plugins.

Fastpath: Admin Console: People > Settings > Twitter Settings
Use the following steps to set up Twitter integration:
  1. Select Enabled. (You still have to register the application before you save.)
  2. In another browser window, open
  3. Click Register a New Application.
  4. Complete the Register an Application form using the following guidelines.
    Table 1. Twitter Application Registration Form
    Setting Description
    Application Icon Select an icon to represent your application.
    Application Name Enter the name of your Jive application.
    Description Tell a little bit about how you are using your Jive application.
    Application Website Enter the website address for your Jive application.
    Organization Enter the name of your organization or company.
    Website Enter your organization or company name.
    Application Type Select Browser.
    Callback URL Type the Callback URL found in the Twitter Settings page of the Admin Console. For example, http://mysbs/twitter-auth-callback.jspa
    Default Access Type Select Read-only.
    Use Twitter for login Select Use Twitter for login.
  5. Click Save.
  6. When Twitter provides the registration details, copy the API key and API secret to the Twitter Consumer Key and Twitter Consumer Secret fields in the Twitter Settings page of the Admin Console.
  7. You can change the default Twitter hashtag of #sbs to something that makes more sense for your community. For example, if your community name is Global Toolkit, you might create the hashtag #glotool to pull tweets into your community.
  8. Click Save.

Once you set up Twitter, users can enable it by going to their Preferences > Twitter Preferences and clicking Enable. To see complete instructions for users to set up Twitter, see Can I tweet into Jive?.