Setting Up Apps

To set up Apps and enable purchases from the Jive Apps Market, you need to enable Apps, check that your domain security is adequate, and set up any services that need to connect to Jive in order to make enterprise Apps work. You can use your Admin rights to limit which Apps are available to your users.

By default, Apps are enabled when you set up Jive, and your users will be able to install any available Apps they want from the Jive Apps Market. You can choose to disable Apps on install or at any time afterward. The following steps provide an overview of the tasks used to set up Apps. Refer to the Help for each Admin page for more help with the settings used during setup.

Note: Apps depend on a successful connection to the Jive-hosted Jive Apps Market that's established during installation. You can find prerequisites and best practices for connecting here.
Note: If you want to know how to develop and deploy a custom app in the Apps Market, read this Getting Started guide in the Apps Developer community.
  1. Plan your domain security model for Apps. The most secure implementation is to host every App on a unique subdomain: if you use this implementation you'll have to configure your domains accordingly. For more information, see Creating Secure Subdomains for Apps.
  2. Install Jive. Make sure that your web app nodes can connect to the Apps Market: the List of Required Ports and Domains includes the information you need to set up your environment correctly. If you connect to the Internet using a proxy server, you should also read about how to set up Jive correctly with a proxy server.
  3. Make sure you have enabled the legacy REST services under System > Settings > Web Services > Legacy Web Services and the Core API under System > Settings > Web Services > Core API.
  4. In the Admin Console, click the Apps tab and view your Apps Dashboard to ensure Apps is enabled, the initial connection to the Apps Market was successful, and everything is running successfully.
  5. Click the Domain Security link and choose the security model you decided on.
  6. Check out the Apps Market for your site while you're logged in as an administrator. By default, Apps are enabled and users can install any available Apps from the Jive Apps Market. As an admin, you can decide to disable any Apps that you don't want your community members to use. You may also see some Apps that are Unavailable. When you hover on the Unavailable button, you'll sometimes see a link to information about a required connection to a third-party service. If you want to enable one of these Apps, you can use the information provided by the App developer to set up a connection to the service. See Configuring App Services for more information.
  7. After you complete initial setup, you will do most of your administration in the Apps Market interface. You can continue to use the Apps Dashboard to monitor and troubleshoot any problems with your connection to Apps. You can use the App Statistics page to monitor Apps adoption.