Supported Database Engines

Jive supports recent versions of several databases.

The following database platforms are supported. For information about setting them up to deploy Jive, see all the topics under Database Configuration and Best Practices.

Jive Core and Activity Engine Databases

*Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version, with version 6.0.0 only, if you're using PostgreSQL 8.4 for your core application database, you'll need to add the system property -Djive.db.ignore_unsupported=true to the CUSTOM_OPTS in /usr/local/jive/applications/<instance-name>/bin/instance. If you don't have a CUSTOM_OPTS line in the file, add it. It should look like this: export CUSTOM_OPTS="$CUSTOM_OPTS -Djive.db.ignore_unsupported=true"

Jive Analytics (Community Manager Reports) Database