Customize Your Site

The out-of-the-box theming tool lets you quickly customize the look and feel of your community. You can change the appearance of text, background colors, logo image, and more.

Fastpath: End User Interface: Your Name > Customize Your Site
This kind of theming is different from the custom theming you can do with Freemarker or Soy. Jive Software strongly recommends using the out-of-the-box theming tool whenever possible due to upgrade risks when using Soy or Freemarker themes. The documentation for custom theme development starts here.

To make theme changes, click on your name in the upper-right corner and select Customize Your Site (you must have community administrator or Home Page/Customize Site permissions to see this option in your user profile menu. Your system administrator sets up these permissions). Then, click on the blue dot next to any interface component to make changes to it. As you make changes, you'll see an instant preview of the updates. You can also click Full Preview, for a more thorough look at your changes. These changes will affect all pages in your community.

When you're finished making changes, be sure to click Save Theme. You'll have the option to save the theme, but not publish it (this will save your work so that you can continue making theme changes later without affecting your current community), or, you can save the theme and publish it, which will update your community immediately.

Field Description
Fonts and Colors Sets the font of all text. You can customize the color of the text for links, hovers, meta text, and so on.
Branding and Decoration Sets the community's width, background color and image, and border style.
Advanced (Customize HTML and CSS) You can customize the HTML and CSS of the header (and optionally, the footer).
Branding Header (Logo) Sets the community logo and background color and image.
Headline Color and Font (Sample Header) Sets the background color and font of the headline area. You can also choose to inherit the font from the Branding and Decoration settings.
Tabs - Inactive Sets the background color of the Inactive tab.
Sample Buttons Sets the color style of the buttons and various other elements throughout the user interface (e.g., navigation menu highlights).
Search Sets the display style of the Search box.
User Profile Sets the text color and the style of the arrow drop-down menu of the User Profile.