Troubleshooting the Apps Market

Problems with the Apps Market can sometimes be diagnosed and fixed easily.

All Apps in the Market display a 502 unavailable error
This problem occurs because the Apps Market, which is hosted by Jive, is temporarily down. Apps will become available as soon as the Market is back online.
Unexpected changes occur in the Market, such as banned apps being reenabled, or running apps becoming disabled. Or, your apps are not installed after the move.
This problem can occur when the jiveURL for the instance is changed, because by default, changing the jiveURL changes the jiveInstanceID which is what the apps market uses to verify your instance. For example, if you move an instance from UAT to production and change the URL, apps you installed on your test instance will not work in the production instance unless a) Apps Market was enabled at the time of the move, and, b) you selected the "instance was moved" option after restart. If you moved the installation without the Market enabled, or if you chose the "copy" option during the move, and the ID was changed, you need to contact Support to have it reset.
Error: Unauthorized. This Jive instance or user may not have been registered correctly.
This error can occur because of an incorrect instance ID. Try resetting the instance ID by removing the and then restarting Jive. If that doesn't work, please contact Support for next steps.