Troubleshooting Email

Use these techniques to troubleshoot email issues.

If you don't see your particular issue listed here, you may want to check out this document in the Jive Community. Note that you must be a registered user to view this document.

Appended Email Content Being Included

You may notice that Jive includes content appended to your email, such as confidentiality notices or signatures. You can set Jive to ignore this content by adding five hyphens or underscores ("-----" or "_____") to the beginning of the appended content template in your email application. Jive excludes anything following five hyphens or underscores.

Automated Reply Emails Causing Stream Pollution

If a user sets up an automated reply, such as an Out of the Office response, in his or her email client, your community may experience a wave of email content generated by these automated replies.

Jive Software strongly recommends using a Bounce Email Address (you set this in the Admin Console under System > Settings > Email Server > Bounce Email Address). Automated email replies are sent to the Bounce Email Address. To learn more about this feature, see Configuring Outgoing (SMTP) Email.

Email Digest Causing Out of Memory Errors

This can occur when the email manager has an unlimited in-memory queue of email messages. Under normal conditions, the application does not generate enough emails fast enough to encounter this situation. However, in large communities, email can be generated so quickly that creating a digest of all of them can overwhelm the application's email manager. The ideal solution is to make the email manager's queue persistent so that it can handle any number of messages without storing them all in memory. To avoid this problem, you can adjust the jive.digest.batchSize system property to include a smaller number of email messages.

Users Not Getting Stream Notifications Via Email

In this case, check the following:
  • Have end users correctly configured their email notifications? You might want to send them to this help topic in the end user documentation, Email or Stream Notifications?
  • Does at least one server in the cluster think it is the senior cluster member? The senior member is the node that starts up first in the cluster. To understand how this works, be sure to read the Clustering Overview.
  • Are emails actually being sent from the instance? To find out, check the destination SMTP server logs by turning on mail debugging on System > Settings > Email Server so that logs are written. For more details, see Configuring Outgoing (SMTP) Email.
  • Send a test email to see if the SMTP server connection is working and that your outbound emails are not getting marked as spam somewhere upstream (System > Settings > Email Server > Send Test Email).