Understanding Embedded and Attached Images

Images attached to content are handled and displayed slightly differently than images that are inserted using the camera button.

Users can attach various kinds of files to most content types. Attached files show up as links at the bottom of published content so that others may click to view the attachment. Attachments can be documents, images, videos, and so on. When a user attaches an image, a preview of the image shows with its link. Previewing makes it easier for people to see whether it's the image they want before clicking its attachment link. The maximum preview size is set by default to a 25-pixel square. Attached images that are larger are made smaller to fit inside this square.

Users can also embed images in some content types by clicking the camera button in the editing pane. Embedded images are displayed in the content itself. An image embedded in content can display as a thumbnail if it's too big, based on the maximum height and width you specify in the Images settings.

By default, you can attach 30 items (of any file type) to any piece of content, with a maximum attachment size of 51200, and you can embed 50 images. The attachment setting is set by the Jive administrator and is not configurable by community administrators. To modify the way embedded images are handled, see Configuring Support for Images and Attachments.

To specify the handling of attachments, including image previews, see Configuring Support for Attachments.