Upgrading a Database

If you plan to leave the database on the same system, no special configuration is required. If you're moving to a new database engine or system, migrate the system first, then upgrade.

If you're upgrading to a version whose database schema is different from the previous version, the application will automatically detect the difference after you've upgraded. When you next start the application and navigate to the Admin Console, you'll be prompted to start the database upgrade. This is a necessary step before you can start using the application after upgrade. You don't need to run any database-related upgrade scripts unless you are moving to a different database engine.

To upgrade the database:
  1. Shut down all the services.
  2. If you're using the same database engine (for example, moving SQL Server to SQL Server), back up and restore the database to the new instance.
  3. If you're using a different database engine after the upgrade (for example, moving Oracle to PostgreSQL), you'll need to use scripts and ETL tools to build the database and transfer the data. Refer to Persistent Properties for Database Recovery or Migration to learn about the properties you need to pay attention to when migrating a database.
  4. Start new web servers and point them to the new database engine.
  5. After you restart Jive, the upgrade process will begin, and the database schema will be upgraded.