User Account Summary

The User Search page in the Admin Console shows all information for each user when you click Edit. Here you can get information and perform actions on the account. To get to this page, in the Admin Console go to the user Search page, then browse or search for the user's account. Click the user's name to view their user summary page.

Fastpath: Admin Console: People > Management > User Search

Profile Information

Among the user properties you'll see information that's part of the user's profile. Much of this is the same information that the rest of the community sees when they view the user's profile.


You can change the password for a user account. Note that an administrator can configure the application to enable people to request their own password reset. If that feature is disabled, then you can reset the password from the User Summary page.

Note: The application doesn't send an email to the person whose password you changed when it's changed this way.


You can disable a user account, removing their access but keep their content in the system. For more information, see Deleting and Disabling User Accounts.

User Activity in the Community

You can view lists of the documents, discussion messages, and blog posts that a person has contributed or worked on. The User Properties lists will display quantities for each, and you can view a list of the items themselves by clicking the name of the kind of item you want to view.

Visiblity Settings

You can choose whether or not a person's name and email address are visible to others in the community.

An administrator can configure the application so that a person can set the visibility of their own name and email address. If that's the case, then the user will be able to change the setting independently of the setting you make in the Admin Console. In other words, if you change it, they can change it back.

Group Membership

If the user account is a member of user groups, links to those accounts will be displayed among the user properties.

User groups are a way to collect user accounts to more easily manage user access and permissions. For more information about them, see Managing Group Accounts

Email Notifications

The User Properties list displays the number of email notifications the person is signed up for. To see a list of the notifications, click the number.


If a person has uploaded their own avatars, their User Summary page will display the images they've uploaded. You can delete avatar images from this page.

For more on managing avatars, see Avatar Settings

User Properties

User properties are simple name-value pairs that programmers can use to work with the user account in their code. User properties are often used as a way to keep track of extra information about the user account. A user can have multiple properties. When you're working with properties, remember that entering the name and value for an existing property will update that property's value to the one you entered.