What Is Moderation?

The moderation feature allows you to assign certain users to review and approve content changes submitted by community users before they are published. If content in a place could become contentious or contain sensitive information, you may want to designate a moderator for that place.

When moderation is enabled, users must submit their content changes to the moderator(s) for approval or rejection. To understand the process flow for moderation in the application, be sure to read Reviewing Moderation Requests.

You can designate one or several content moderators per place and enable moderation for a variety of content types. For a complete list of content types that can be moderated and the places where you can enable moderation, see Who Moderates What?

Other Kinds of Moderation

  • Abuse reporting. When users report abuse, the reports are sent to a moderator. For more information, see Setting Up Abuse Reporting.
  • Document approval. Document approval is different from content moderation in that document approvers can only approve documents in a given space. For information about that, see Setting a Document Approver in a Space.