appsnap Command

Jive Application Snapshot tool (appsnap). Passively gathers information about a running system and applications.

appsnap [options] [name]
Short Long Description
  --version Show program's version number and exit.
 -h --help Show help message and exit.
Table 1. Snapshot Options. Defines the interval and count of snapshots taken, system or application.
Short Long Description
  --no-sys Do not gather top-level system information. Default: True
  --no-eae=EAE Will not gather appsnap information from the Activity Engine. This option is available in versions and higher.
-c COUNT --count=COUNT Sample count to take [default 1]
-i INTERVAL --interval=INTERVAL Time between samples [default 1]
  --jstack=PATH Use the given path to the jstack binaries for sampling applications. Default: None
  --jstack-opts=OPTS Pass the given options to jstack binary for sampling detail. Default: None
  --force=FORCE Force Java thread dump. This may be fatal to the process resulting in failure if the dump is successful.
-o OUTPUT --out=OUTPUT Append output to the given file creating if the file does not exist [default STDOUT]
-s --no-search Do not gather search-service information.
Table 2. General Options. General configuration not specific to any subsystem. Most should only be used for testing.
Short Long Description
-v -verbose Be verbose about what actions are being taken. Default: False
-d -debug Show debug information. Default: False