upgrade Command

Jive platform upgrade tool. Used to detect if an upgrade is in progress and which behaviors need to be executed, optionally executing them depending on command options. When invoked with no options, returns 0 if an upgrade is in progress, 1 otherwise.

upgrade [options]
Short Long Description
  --version Show program's version number and exit.
 -h --help Show help message and exit.
Table 1. Upgrade Options. Configures upgrade behaviors.
Short Long Description
-x --dry-run Show upgrade tasks that would be performed. Default: False
-e --execute Perform any pending platform upgrade tasks. Default: False
-r --reset Mark all unperformed upgrade tasks as complete and exit. Default: False
-f PATH --database-file=PATH Use alternate upgrade database file. Default: None
Table 2. General Options. General configuration not specific to any subsystem. Most should only be used for testing.
Short Long Description
-v -verbose Be verbose about what actions are being taken. Default: False
-d -debug Show debug information. Default: False