Enabling Linked Place Creation

You can allow or restrict the ability for Jive users to connect new places that are linked to a SharePoint site.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Jive for SharePoint > Settings

You can decide how much freedom your users have to connect Jive places to SharePoint sites. You can also set the default type of SharePoint site that's created. Note that only spaces and groups can be connected to SharePoint: projects cannot.

Storage + Jive sites allow you to use Jive functionality inside SharePoint. For more information about the differences between Storage Only and Storage + Jive sites, see Storage Only or Storage Plus Jive.

To determine users' access to create SharePoint-linked places:

  1. Under Integration options of Places and Sites, select Enabled to allow for the integration of Jive Places and SharePoint sites.
  2. Select a default SharePoint integration type. Users will have to change this setting to create a different kind of site, but by default they'll see the one you select here. For more on integration types, see SharePoint Integration Types.
    • None
    • New Site - Storage Only
    • New Site - Storage + Jive functionality
    • Existing Site
  3. Select a default stream setting for Remote Documents. For more on stream settings, see Remote Document Options.
    • None
    • Hide in Activity
    • Show limited info in Activity
    • Show in Activity
  4. Under User Choice Permissions, select how flexible user's options are when creating or modifying Jive places.
    • Enforce your default setting by selecting Don't let users choose the type of integration
    • Select Let users choose the following integration type(s) to give users one or more integration type options to choose from.
    1. Select all integration types that users can choose from when they create a Jive Place and link it to a SharePoint site. If you want to provide the ability to link a Jive place to an existing SharePoint site, make sure to at least select Existing Site.
  5. If you want users to be able to choose under which site collection their SharePoint site will be created, select Let users choose the parent site collection when creating a new site.
  6. Under Remote Document Options, select Make the stream setting for Remote Documents configurable when creating a new Place if you want to give users one or more activity types to choose for how remote document activity is published in the stream.
    1. Select the types of remote document activity users can choose from when they create or edit a Jive Place. For more on stream settings, see Remote Document Options.