Configuring Identity Mapping

Mapping users' Jive identity to their SharePoint identity allows you to seamlessly search SharePoint from Jive, and lets users click through from Jive to the SharePoint repository. By default, users are mapped by email address.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Jive for SharePoint > Settings

By default, users are mapped by matching the SharePoint email address to the Jive email address. To change this, you can select Map by SharePoint username under Identity Mapping and select the Jive field(s) you want to map to the user name.

Jive can be mapped to SharePoint users using several options:

Map by SharePoint email address:
Map SharePoint's users email address to a field in Jive (default to users email in Jive), can be changed to any string field in the Jive's user info
Note: Custom field (string type) could be added to the users profile in Jive for the user mapping.
Use single Jive profile field (Username):
Maps SharePoint's users user name to a field in Jive, also can be mapped to any string field in Jive
Use multiple Jive profile fields (Domain\Username):
This option should be used map by two fields, one that contains the Domain and one that contains the username. For example, domain and username/email and so on.