Setting Up SharePoint Search

Searching Jive from SharePoint is supported via the Jive API. If you want to be able to search SharePoint from Jive, you need to enable search and ensure that Jive can connect to your SharePoint search URL.

Jive search from SharePoint, which is supported via the Jive API, does not require any additional setup. Enabling users to search SharePoint from the Jive community requires you to provide a search URL where SharePoint search results can be displayed. You'll also need to set up identity mapping correctly to establish each user's search permissions when searching across Jive and SharePoint.

Search takes place on demand when a user searches: there is no initial search indexing of SharePoint content and no associated performance cost.

Note: Search always respects both the user's Jive permissions and SharePoint permissions. Users will never see search results they don't have rights to.

When you set up search, an OpenSearch definition is automatically created in Jive.

  1. To set up SharePoint search within Jive, go to System > Settings > Jive for Sharepoint > Settings and add or edit a connection.
    1. Select search enabled.
    2. Provide a URL where SharePoint search results will be displayed. For example, you might use a URL with this structure:{searchTerms}
    3. Decide the search scope. By site searches within the entire site. By list searches within a list. By Scope searches a custom scope you have already defined in SharePoint.
    4. Specify the maximum number of results returned in the initial Jive search results. (Users can go into SharePoint for the complete result set.)
  2. Make sure that identity mapping is set up correctly. Typically, users are matched using the SharePoint email address and the Jive email address.