Using HTTPS for Video

For Jive versions earlier than 4.5, the video player was delivered via a legacy Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Although there is no security danger in delivering the player via HTTP, it did create confusing messaging. To solve this problem, Twistage added the ability to deliver the player over Hypertext Transfer Protocol/Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). This topic helps you configure the Video plugin for secure delivery of the video player. For more about how Jive achieves secure delivery of the video content itself, refer to Security for Jive Video Communication.

Complete the following steps for video uploads and video player downloads to happen over https:

  1. Upgrade to 5.0.1 or later version of the Video plugin.
  2. Set the Jive property video.player.url to
  3. Change outbound firewall rules as necessary to allow the player and videos to navigate through the firewall. For more on this, see Setting up Your Firewall. If your Jive instance is hosted by Jive, you can create a support request to make these changes.