Installing the Plugin

The Video Module is installed as a module you can purchase and download from the Jive Software web site. Note that after you add the plugin JAR, you'll need to restart Jive in order for the video feature to become available.
Note: This topic assumes that you've purchased a license that enables the video feature.
Once you have the plugin JAR file, install it using the following steps:
  1. In the application's Admin Console, go to System > Plugins > Add Plugin.
  2. Under Install a new plugin, click Choose File to browse for the JAR file you received.
  3. After you've chosen the file, click Upload to add the module to the community.
  4. Apply a deployment license that enables you to use the feature by opening to System > Management > License Information in the Admin Console. For more about managing licenses, see "Managing the Deployment License" in the core documentation.
  5. Restart the application as described in the administration documentation.

After you've installed the video module and have updated your license to support it, you can begin configuring the feature. For more on configuring the Enhanced Video feature, see Configuring Video.