Get Things Done

You've got people sharing ideas and contributing content. When specific schedules and goals drive their work, create a project to focus it. In Jive a project is a way to collect tasks and schedules with other kinds of content to collaborate toward a larger goal.

  1. On the New menu, click Project.
  2. Go to the space where the project should live.
  3. Enter information to get your project started: what it's called, what it's for, start date and a target completion date. Create a project blog to make share information — status, research, other thoughts — that people working on the project can use.
    New project details

    After you've created the project, you'll see the home page. Here, you can get started creating the tasks and checkpoints that make up the substance that sets a project apart. You can customize this page just as you can with your personalized home page or a space overview page.
    Project home page

    You'll use checkpoints to map out your project's milestones, with tasks between the checkpoints.

  4. To add a checkpoint, in the Actions list click Create a checkpoint, then enter the details.
    Create checkpoint

    As you add checkpoints, notice that they're visible in the Checkpoints list and the Project Calendar. Mouse over a checkpoint in either place to edit or delete it.
    Checkpoints on calendar

    Start adding specific, smaller-grained tasks that can be assigned to someone for completion between checkpoints.

  5. To add a task, in the Action list click Create a task. Use the Create a Task page to enter the task details. Assign the task to someone and give it a completion date. You can edit it later.
    Tasks on the calendar
  6. Click the Tasks tab or a task title link (in the Tasks list, for example) to view a list of tasks to do for the project. In the To do list, you can filter the tasks by assignee and completion.
  7. You can also create personal tasks for yourself that aren't associated with a project at all. These will also appear in your task list. Click New > Task to start creating a personal task.
    Create a person task
  8. If you personalize your home page, you can also keep track of your tasks there using the Your Tasks widget.