Table JiveCore900.public.jiveinstanceapp Generated by
Primary key columns
Columns with indexes
Implied relationships
Excluded column relationships
< n > number of related tables
Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
instanceappid int8 19
jiveappinstalert.instanceappid jvappalert_inst_fk R
jiveappview.instanceappid jvappview_inst_fk R
jiveinstapppref.instanceappid jivepref_app_fk R
jiveoauthstore.instanceappid jiveoauth_appid_fk R
appinstanceuuid varchar 128
appid int8 19
jiveapp.appid jiveinstapp_app_fk R
appurl varchar 1024
appurlmd5 varchar 127
userid int8 19
jiveuser.userid Implied Constraint R
locallymanaged int2 5 1
creationdate int8 19
modificationdate int8 19

Table contained 0 rows at Fri Jan 13 13:20 PST 2017

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
instanceappid Primary key Asc jiveinstncapp_pk
appinstanceuuid Must be unique Asc jiveinstanceapp_appinstanceuuid_key
userid + appid Must be unique Asc/Asc jiveinstapp_appusr_unq
appurlmd5 Performance Asc jvinstapp_url_idx

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